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We're just a pale blue dot

Learn a bit more about my work


The sky is full of red - particularly, infrared. In my technique, I use a modified camera that captures lots of infrared. Because infrared is a light range we cannot see, I need to translate those infrared colors in colors the human brain can actually interpret. Finding a great color balance to represent a light spectrum we aren't normally able to see is where the art comes in.

I give life to what the camera sees as data

In addition to providing shelter in the long, cold nights, the AstroTruck also pulls the AstroPod when needed. The truck was built to endure long distances in the desert and go practically anywhere. Lifted 6”, it’s fitted with 34” tires and equipped with water and gas tanks, a winch, recovery tools, front and rear lockers and a bin full of astrophotography equipment.

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